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A patient is anaesthetised before an open heart surgery and ends up in the Darkest Valley, waiting for death or survival. In this place, a dark beach, the patient meets up with friends who also have ended up here, and hears their stories and thoughts about their close encounter with death. In co-production with SVT and with financial support from  the Swedish Film Institute. The story is based on interviews and the personal experiences of the director. Director and scriptwriter Åsa Sandzén, drawings and animations Minna Floss, music by Katharina Nuttall and The Stoner.

Running time: 15 minutes.


A north-african flea, Artemis and her Father Jason has been travelling as fugitives for a long time. They try to cross the mediterranean sea in order to try to find job at one of europes last flea-cirkuses. They manage to get on a fishing boat, spending their last money and after a rough ride over the deadly sea they manage to reach and pass the entrenched borders of Europe. On the journey the meet the orphaned firefly Foteini and she decides to travel with them. Together they manage to find the Circus and Jason is privileged with the "Golden Harness" and gets to work at the circus. wfcraqwBut the happiness won´t last for long as the circus is burnt down by xenophobe bugs/cockroaches. Jason with his heavy harness can´t escape the flames and dies. Artemis is devastated, but with the help of her new friend, Foteini she overcomes the grief and after the burial, they continue their journey to find their place in the world, a new home.


A feature length documentary, and a K Special for SVT, about Swedish comic artists, and comics as art, with some of Sweden's most famous comic artists and more.  Art on this web site by Emma Rendel.

In co-production with SVT and with financial support from the Swedish Film Institute.

In pre-production


A modern fairy tale about the unusual friendship between a teenage girl and her grandpa, in a scheme known for it’s brutal violence and love for pigeons. A documentary by Ellen Fiske and Ellinor Hallin, cinematography Ellinor Hallin, running time: 30 minutes.

A group of teenagers are hanging out by an abandoned roundabout in a scheme in forgotten part of Scotland. They pass round a bottle of vodka. Gemma, a cheeky teenage tomboy and the only girl in the gang, picks a fight. When someone pulls a knife, the police show up, and Gemma runs home to her papa. Grandpa Joseph is feeding the pigeons in his backyard. He’s been like a father to Gemma since her parents abandoned her as a child. It disappoints and worries him when he realizes that Gemma has once again got herself into trouble.

Joseph and Gemma live in a scheme, as council estates in Scotland are called. This is a world plagued by deprivation and unemployment. Many people here have served prison sentences. Joseph is trying hard to convince Gemma that violence is not the answer. The only way to survive here is to stay off the streets.


An animated documentary series, a short film and an augmented reality experience by Malin Erixon. Ordinary people (persons who rarely – or never – have been defined as anything but "ordinary people") discuss life and reveal how difficult it can be to see the privileged situation you are in. Satire and seriousness is mixed when documentary audio material meets fictional animated characters.

Co-produced with Ganzanderes Animation

Director, script and animation: Malin Erixon

Finished film: November, 2018

Expected release date: January, 2019

In development


The story evolves around Austrian philosopher Eva Schwarz in quest for a collective responsability in Europe today, doing studies with Swedish police officers and discussing Hannah Arendt with European collegues, writers and artists. Eva also struggles to face  the truth about her grandparents' actions  during the second world war.  But isn't this a heritage that concerns all Europeans?

Working Title: Memorials

Running time: 75 min

Genre/recording format/audience: Documentary, digital, adult and young adult

Producer: Mario Adamson, Sisyfos Film

Director and script: Åsa Sandzén

Camera: Albin Biblom

Animation: Minna Floss


is the working title of a documentary about a personal research for a welfare

concept that doesn’t undermine the basic conditions for well-being for comming generations.

This film is about ecology, economics, energy and overall health – the essential bricks for longterm prosperity. Through the directors’ own reflections, interviews and some practical examples,the purpose of this film is to convey why we need a new concept of welfare around Europe aswell as in the former ”welfare state” of Sweden. And why we need a more holistic view of todays’ crisis – in economy, ecology, energy and helth in order to get there. The story gets a personal expression through music, image poetry and animated graphics.

Working Title: Calling Europe – Prosperity without Growth

Running time: 60 -100 min

Genre/recording format/audience: Documentary, digital, adult and young adult

Producer: Mario Adamson, Sisyfos Film

Director and script: Maja Lindström

Photographer: Jonas Embring

An, drawing by Minna Floss

The Golden Harness, drawing by Malin Erixon

Drawings by Emma Rendel

Scheme Birds

Just Ordinary,  drawing by Malin Erixon

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